Hot Flash

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  1. I am with you but on the other side of the spectrum because I suffered with infertility and in my case my body just said nope lady you got lucky with the one living child you have….imma let you suffer through two more miscarriages and then maybe you will give up. I am the opposite of you, I have had unprotected sex for the last 10 years. However my PMS symptoms are a bitch and a half and I just do not want the awful cramps, migraines, nausea, intense exhaustion and sore boobs that plague me for two weeks a month anymore. When I ask my doctor post age 40 about a hysterectomy she told me I am too young and advised my insurance would be unlikely to cover the procedure without an underlying medical reason. So I suffer every month to some degree with whatever the symptom du hour and at my next appointment with her I will bring it up again nod push a little harder. But there is still a part of me that is hesitant to remove all my internal lady bits.

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    1. I have such respect for those of you who have struggled with infertility. I have many friends who have had similar issues. My husband and I discussed before we began trying that if there were issues we would just save to adopt as our disposable income was not going to allow for any sort of fertility treatments… So we lucked out and I’m so grateful for our girls and the ease in which they came to us. I know your living child is the Apple of your eye. But I hear you on the ridiculousness of the monthly plague… I never had PMS until after I had kids and it’s still a shock! And the cramps and what feels like hemorrhaging… I am over it. But alas we will have to suffer on as is our lot. Sigh…. But I guess when it all happens it will be much anticipated and appreciated!!


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