I have always been a stomper…  I have always been at ease living bigger than life  My footprints are wide and true Meant for many to find and Not to follow.  No.  Not to follow.  But to make wide and true their footprints  Right along side mine.  Come, my fellow footprinters… And stomp with me.  … Continue reading Stomp


I have huge problems with politicians and trust them all about as far as I can throw them. I never had any love for the Clintons or the Bush family who were in office in my formative years… By the time the Obamas entered onto the scene I had long lost complete faith in this … Continue reading 8


It’s 3am. Our bedroom is directly below the girls’ room and the floors are squeaky as hell so if one gets out of bed, it wakes me up… I can also tell if the squeaks head to the bathroom so I don’t worry about making the trek across the family room and up into the … Continue reading Ritual

Hot Flash

So I just started back on anxiety and depression meds, the generic of Zoloft to be specific, because #theworldisashitshow….  So anyway, it has taken a bit longer to adjust this time around because a. I never take medicine and keep forgetting to take it at the same time each day and therefore am having some … Continue reading Hot Flash

The Broken…

There is a Japanese art form and philosophy known as Kintsukuroi , which is a technique where broken pottery is mended with gold, silver, or platinum dusted lacquer so that the piece is “repaired with gold.” It is a philosophy that holds the journey of an object’s breakage and repair as an important visual of the … Continue reading The Broken…